Nursing Interview Tips- New Graduates

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I do not want to date myself, but I can remember like it was yesterday when I graduated undergraduate from Hampton University.. GO PIRATES! I was eager to begin my nursing career and overjoyed to be done with the long hours of clinical and studying that came with school, not to mention passing boards. But, like many new graduates, I did not plan for the rigorous journey that I would embark upon when it came to applying to nursing jobs as a new Registered Nurse. The focus of this blog post is to share the top 3 tips that every new nurse should know to as a new grad to ace their nursing interview. These tips are in no particular order but are as equally important to assist you along your journey.

Let me first begin by saying, I believe that you should look at yourself as a business when embarking upon a journey as a nurse.. sure, we love to care for patients that is evident or why else would you have chosen this profession in the first place right, but let me ask you one question, what if you fell ill... the reality is that you are it... I am sorry but you are your business. When you think of it that way, it is a game changer!

So, with that notion in mind, I want you to think about yourself as a business when choosing a position . Ask yourself these core questions:

1. What type of hours do I want to work each week?

2. What level of stress do I want?

3. What salary do I desire and deserve?

Yes, even as a new graduate, you deserve to ask yourself those types of questions, and never allow others to tell you anything differently.

Think about it this way, if you do not know what you want, you will settle for anything and honestly, you worked too hard for that.

That Brings Me To Our Interview Tips:

#1 KNOW YOUR WORTH: Be very clear about the discipline of nursing that you are interested in. Get focused and search for the best new graduate program at a magnet hospital in a city that you would like to work and live in.

#2 SIGN ON BONUS: Be careful with sign-on bonuses. It is great to get a sign on bonus, however ensure that you read the small print to see if you have to work for a specific amount of time if you leave before a specific amount of time. Some individuals who need to leave prior to a year must pay back a portion of their sign-on bonus and did not know as a result of not reading their contract in detail.

#3 RESUME: Ensure that your resume is up to date and that you have your most current credentials and experience listed. Even as a student, there are pertinent information that you can include on your resume. You should also have a matching cover-letter to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

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