Got Strategy?

If there is one thing that most nursing student do that I highly discourage it is doing question after question and not focusing on strategy!

If you are in a place where you desperately need to increase your over exam scores in school or on exams, this blog is for you.

Today, I will share my top 3 tips to create a fail proof plan to ace your next exam without doing a billion nursing exam questions.

Grab your notebook and let's dive in!

Tip #1

Create a study plan that focuses on what you do not know!

That's right! Most individuals begin studying by starting with familiar information as that is often what feels easy and reassuring, but the reality is that you KNOW THAT INFORMATION... so I want you to focus on WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

Tip #2


I could definitely get on my soap box with this one, but the reality is that you should have dates and times planned out that includes when you will study and exactly what you will study. I break this down in my NCLEX Training Courses, so if you have not checked them out, I highly recommend that you do!

TIP #3

Brain-Dump like there is no tomorrow!

What is a brain-dump you may ask, well it is a fail-proof method of you reading, studying and asking yourself what do I know about "asthma" the items that you do not know is what you should focus on.

Check out my brain-dumping journal to assist you in getting started.

Still have questions, head over and book a free 15 minute session to learn more about the best way that we can work together.

Coach Philisha

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