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Meet Philisha

Speaker | Author | Nurse Practitioner | Consultant

Philisha Mack is quickly becoming one of the most sought out Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Speakers of her generation. She has spoken for some of the top industries and will be speaking internationally this year at some of the top conferences in the world. 

She has over 10 years in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, CRO, nursing and as an a advanced practice nurse. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic industries to include oncology, cardiology, biologic, regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, endocrine. 

She is currently completing her PhD is Family research with a focus on Cancer Related Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors. 

She is the founder of Global Elite Pharmaceutical Group which is a 501c3 that focuses on Bridging the gap in Clinical Trials to provide minorities with access. 

She resides in Atlanta, GA where she enjoys playing violin, working out and playing golf. 

Pharma Blog

I share information to keep you up to date with trends in health care, Pharma, Biotechnology as well as career development tools.



Smiling Girl

“Philisha led a round table discussion with such grace and ease. She is so personal and is very knowledgeable in risk management.”

Diana Waldman

Founder at

“Great energy and my audience was slacking up every moment of her keynote. I highly recommend that you hire her..”

Eric Leon 
VP Marketing Mobile.ze

“I was able to break into the Pharma Industry after scheduling a one on one session and it was well worth the investment. I immediately signed up for the 6 month session. .”

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist

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In this E-Book, I debunk myths about minorities participation in clinical trials. 





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